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COVID-19 Hygiene Barriers


Hygiene Barriers provide protection in any environment where people interact in close proximity


CO-19 Hygiene Barrier The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommend Hygiene barriers as protection against the spread of COVID-19 when social distancing can’t be practiced. However, even with social distancing, mask’s, and Hygiene Barriers it is difficult to fully understand the migration of airborne particle such as water droplets as each barrier location will be inherently different than another. The COVID-19 virus itself is .1µm in size, however one of the way COVID-19 spreads, is by virtue of aerosolized droplets from activities such as talking, coughing, and sneezing.

Correct placement of hygiene barriers is an extremely important factor to consider. Correct placement of a barrier will reduce the amount of air movement that is created by virtue of air displacement when a person moves from one point to another. As a person walks past a barrier does the air that follows them remain stagnant? No. The person is creating a current of air in which the air becomes turbulent and results in the creation of unseen air currents that allow particulate such as water droplets that may carry COVID-19 to move from one point to another that was originally intended to remove the risk of particulate contamination. While hygiene barriers are an important factor in mitigation of particulate control, it is not only the existence of a barrier that is important, but the placement of the barrier that also matters.

Placement of barriers should take into consideration personnel movement in and around the barrier, airflow within the local area, and how air moves in and around the barrier as a person passes. Correct placement and design is critical to prevent the spread of contamination.  As a certified cleanroom performance testing company, we offer a unique perspective on hygiene barriers as we understand the migration of particulate contamination within an enclosed space based on knowledge that has been designed specifically to reduce the spread of contamination within enclosed space based on measured scientific values and the analytics of empirical data. Our unique understanding as a certified testing CPT Firm by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau, allows One Source Environmental to offer our unique knowledge base and design, create and provide custom and standard solutions tailored to your unique situation. Let our experts assist you in mitigating contamination control regardless of your industry or location.

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Shipping Available to all Continental U.S. States

On Site Service Installation Available in Vermont Only


On Site Barrier Survey Study

Utilize unique smoke study material to visualize airborne contamination control
record and provide feedback based on personnel enter/exiting areas
Provide consultation services to identify a correct solution to your requirements


Off-the-Shelf Solutions

 Custom Sizes and Designs Available
Silver Anodized Finish or Custom Powder Coating to Any Color
Shipped direct and easily assembled. Any size available


Temporary structures

Available in any size or configuration. HEPA/ULPA filtration available. Advanced monitoring equipment to monitor Pressures, Airflow and Temperature available 


Installed Hygiene Barrier Examples


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