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Filter Pre-Installation Bench Testing/Repair/Replacement

One Source Environmental, LLC offers Pre-Installation HEPA Filter Bench Testing services to company’s installing new cleanrooms and/or conducting filter replacements or facility retrofits.  Bench testing is an affordable insurance policy that essentially distinguishes or quantifies “as received” filter integrity to allow post cleanroom certification HEPA filter performance comparison during “As-Built” Cleanroom certification.  Through the process of filter bench testing upon receipt of new filters from a filter manufacturer clients can definitively assign responsibility for costly filter damage should it occur during shipment from the manufacturer and/or subsequent to installation when filter damage is detected during cleanroom certification.  Bench Testing documents product quality after receipt and prior to installation and is regularly used to assign responsibility and prevent disputes resulting from discovery of defective filters.  If you receive defective filters from the manufacturer you’ll want to discover and document this prior to installation.  Similarly, if you detect damaged filters after installation you’ll be able to document that they were performing normally prior to the installation activity. 


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